Bike Setup & Preparation

Kawasaki Versys 650cc (2017)

When I was preparing my bike for touring I searched the internet for accessories suitable for the make/model. I found the following;

SW-Motech had most of the accessories I needed to prepare my bike for touring.

SW-Motech Logo

SW-Motech accessories are awesome, great style, build quality, specific to the make/model of the bike.

The list is below is I’ve purchased so far…as you can see SW-Motech make some good accessories for touring bikes.

So what did I put on the bike?

  • Quick Evo Lock – Side Carrier Frame – KFT.08.518.20000/B
  • Alu-Rack Black Top Case Pate – GPT.08.518.15000/B
  • Side Stand Foot Plate – STS.08.518.10000
  • Quick Evo Lock GPS Mount – GPS.08.646.10700/B
  • Navi Case Pro Large (GPS Case) – GPS.00.009.10000
  • Quick Lock Luggage Rack (Black) – GPT.00.152.43001/B
  • Double USB Port with Cable Harness – EMA.00.107.11300

Mosko Moto


After some research into various options for carrying equipment/luggage system, I’d need for touring. I decided against hard cases. 1) Because of the aesthetics (look/styling) 2) The need to the keep the weight to a minimum 3) Have you seen Mosko Moto stuff. It’s a cross between hardcore military spec equipment, functionality, and top quality rugged adventure gear. I would recommend going to their website to read about their story, mission statement.

Anyway, the only downside for going with soft luggage is probably security. But hey I think I’ve solved that problem by purchasing the SteelCore locking system (below). I’m never that far away from my bike anyway and at a push, I will always keep the essentials/valuables with me. By the way, I am not trying to sell Mosko Moto gear, but I do feel the need to promote their products as it is top quality “Fit for Purpose” gear.

  • Back Country 35 Liter Pannier Kit.
  • Scout 25 Liter Duffle (Review: ).
  • Molle 4 Liter Storage Pouch (LG) x 3.
  • Back Country Cinch Strap (Pair).
  • SteelCore Luggage Locking Strap (4.5 Foot) x 3 for the side pannier (left and right), and 25 Liter Duffle.
  • Fatty Tool Roll.

Garmin UK


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